In a time long forgotten, people lived in harmony with mythical creatures. It was only after a great battle between two deities that this balance was broken. Their battle destroyed World Pillar, which seperated and gave balance to our worlds. Demons became evil with the imbalance. People fought with who they once called friends. Lacking magical abilities, people soon learnt how to harness the magical abilities of demons-through their souls! Will we ever return to the days of peace and harmony? Or will we fight each other until the end of days? Fate has chosen one who will decide the path we take, and so his legend begins...

-Game Introduction.

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Demon Souls is an RPG game, (not to be confused with the title) that is a free downloadable game on the Ipad, created by Lakoo. The game involves a character called Thunder, who one day comes across a stranger, who grants him the power to harness demon souls! With this new power, Thunder takes the quest by hand, set out to restore peace in his world, from a aimless war between demons and humans. With the allies he meets, his story, and legend, begins...

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Official DemonSouls Launch Trailer

Official DemonSouls Launch Trailer

Official Launch Trailer

The official page for the game is located on: on Facebook, regarding most illustrations and key information to do with the game. However, without the hint of the full story and only giving readers a small introduction to do with the characters and key events within it.