-This may include story plots-

Dialogue choice, is at to some point of the game were the player can choose
what Thunder wants. It's presented quite early within the game when Thunder gets to choice of how River should be treated. The dialogue choice allows Thunder to choose which girl he prefers out of Orchid and River. He can either think River as a sister or a lover, and similarly-he can choose Orchid as a lover or a friend. Although the dialogue choice doesn't give immediate influences on the story, it does however cause a certain ending for Thunder. The main story will remain the same, however because of River's constant kidnapping and being caught into trouble, several times there's the option of turning down River for Orchid.

Also, whenever there's a dialogue choice; River appears to show more response to it than Orchid, who appears fine with whatever way Thunder thinks of them, although it's likely she sometimes disproves the way Thunder may disown River-depending on characters choice, although it still remains a little unclear.

Dialogue Choices Edit


Dialogue choice: to bring orchid along