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Orchid, is the daughter of the miracle man. Thunder met her when he travelled across the sea to visit her father. Orchid comes off as the opposite to River, having been more mature than her, composed and more security over her safety.


Orchid has blue eyes and turqoise hair; platted at the front and with two bronze bells holding it in place. A bronze headband with a native design is held underneath her fringe.

Orchid wears a necklace with two bells, similar to her hairstyle. Her outfit consits of a blue top and white cardigin with blue lining. She has a corset around her waist which supportss the dresswear she is wearing.


Orchid is composed and level-headed, compared to River. She approaches situations maturely and stays by Thunders request, causing them less hassle during their journey. She is also self-sacrificing, an example of this is from how she is willing to extract poison from River although she was aware of her own risk. She has a high intelligence and awareness when it comes to demons because of her father. She also has basic knowledge when it comes to herbs and medicines.


Orchid has lived with her father on a secluded island. With her father, she learnt how to treat and take care of demons. She also learnt how to use herbs and medicines, and is well-knowledged when it comes to looking for types of remedies and methods towards demons. The rest follows on from the main story.


When Thunder arrived, she was being ambushed by a demon and Thunder defended her. Despite her intial dismissal, Thunder was made to search further into the island to help her find her father. She told him of a special pondweed that would allow them to stop the blast of water, by directly going through it-which was blocking the cave to her father. They took a detour westwards and had to shutdown the magical source which made some areas closed off. After that, they collected the item neccesary to continue.

Once inside, the two proceeded deeper into the cave, coming against monsters along the way. They came to a clearing, which was blocked by plants. With Thunder's help, the plants were removed and they both came across a dragon. Expecting the worse, Thunder went head-on to eliminate the monster that blocked their path.

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