Teddy the programmer

Teddy is a small bear who had programmed the game demon souls (action rpg) and is a character who appears in Secret Village. He is also a member of Nova Studio. Noticeably on the island, he is seen swimming in a rubber ring.

Quote Edit

"I programmed this game. Not bad, huh?"


A selection of options to respond to Teddy.

[No complaints] "Thanks for saving he world and finishing the game. As my's...where did I put it...ah! Here's my most prized possession!" [you receive a high five]

[Accept with a smile] "Hey, over here. I have something I want to share with you." [You get a fist bump]

[Gee...Thanks...] "...that's it! All I have to do is...hmm...who are you? Wait! Guh! My most awesome game idea--gone! I'll never think of something like that again!" [The programmer is now considering in turning you into a bunny rabbit for making him lost his master game idea]