WARNING! This may contain spoilers!

An orphan raised in a small fishing village. His life changed the day he met Iron, the hand of the Earth Goddess. Iron taught him how to harness the power of demons to help him on a quest to save the world.

-Game Description

Thunder is the playable character of the game and the protagonist. He lives in Spear Village alongside his childhood friend, River. He is a fisherman who one day comes across a mysterious man fighting against a dragon that passed by, near to his village. 

Although initlally reluctant and not wanting to be held responsible for any casulaties, the man is later convinced that Thunder is capable to fight the beast. He is given a soul jar which allows him to weild the mysterious man's demons in order to fight.


Thunder has silver hair, although his sprite makes his hair colour appear
different. He wears armour, most likely out of his own making, which includes a shoulder pad with spikes coming from it. He also wears what appears to be some sort of shell around his neck and wears a green material drapped across his opposite shoulder. During gameplay, he is seen carrying weapons on his back, specifically spears. 


Thunder is often optimistic on the prospect of discovery. He isn't afraid to come across anything head-on and is willing to fight for others, for the sake of their protection-or-out of favour. Thunder is often at odds against his childhood friend, because of her constant worry for his safety. Which causes Thunder to repeatively remind her, his cabablity.


Thunder was an orphan raised in a small fishing village. His parents died protecting him from demons in the forest. He loves nothing more than fishing. His life changed when he met Iron. After being granted the power of demons, he has been using it on his quest to save he human and demon worlds.